Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who are the Western Standard's advertisers?

Air Canada seems to be distancing itself from Ezra Levant's Western Standard because of its decision to republish the controversial cartoons displaying Mohammed (see here). That is not really a surprise. This is just the kind of headache that most corporations want to avoid.

And they seem to have got out just in time to avoid being associated with Ezra's next blunder--a racist slur at native peoples (here).

Given all this, one wonders what Ezra's other advertisers think. I'd like to ask them, but have no idea who they are.

Does anyone have access to an old Western Standard? A list of its advertisers could be interesting.

Update Andy from Edmonton sends me this list:
Air Canada
Canaccord Capital
Currie Rose Resources
Central Gold Trust
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Children First Grants
Fort St. John
Eagle Crest Resorts in Mulege Bay, La Paz
Kimber Resources
Northern Miner
Norsemont Mining
Peer Financial
Saint John's School of Alberta
Silverado Mines
Timely Medical Alternatives
WYN developments


Simon Pole said...

On the website, its mostly energy and resource companies. I don't know if the print edition would be the same.

nitangae said...

This comment, I would say, is far worse then the decision to print the cartoons (which decision I in many ways respect)

What is currious is that in the University of Alberta, if I remember correctly, Levant was part of the team to punish the student newspaper the Gateway for publishing a cartoon which was considered to be anti-Jewish. (actually, it was critical of Israeli politics, but a foolish spin was put on it). That, if I remember, was the beginning of this rise into right-wing political nuttery.


nitangae said...

Ezra Levant claims that he was simply reporting on the racism of the so-called FORKs - Fed-up friends of Ralp Klein. I haven't read the total article, just the blogue, so I cannot judge. I don't see why the comment "just another Indian" is worth publishing, but perhaps somebody who read the article could provide some context.

I don't believe a word that Levant says, but nobody lies all the time.


P. M. Jaworski said...

Thanks for the list. I was trying to see just where I should spend my money.