Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wind-power take-down

Over at The Disaffected Lib you can find a first rate take-down of wind-power opponents, including Progressive Blogger's own Wind-Concern Ontario. The problem, as Disaffected points out, is the single-mindedness and ill-informedness of the opposition: a bird being killed by a turbine's rotor is somehow seen as a serious problem, but the thousands of people whom epidemiologists estimate are killed by the emissions of coal-fired power-plants can be ignored.

Disaffected's criticisms hold for wind-opponents in general, but the Wind-Concern group seems to me to present its own problems. Wind-Concern claims to be a coalition of 40-some anti-wind groups. If you start to look, however, it is often difficult to determine who the people are involved. The whole operation has an odour of astro-turf about it.