Friday, February 22, 2008

Klatt's testimony, or sometimes 204 = 200

Here are pages 1636-8 of Richard Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal v. Marc Lemire (T1073/5405 vol. 9) of Feb. 8, 2007. In it, Bernard Klatt is testifying about the logs of Lemire's site.

The point to note is that during his visit to the site on Sept. 5, 2003, the user "90sareover" showed up in Lemire's logs both as and as, although only visiting the site briefly. Klatt is unable to explain this, but it is a phenomenon that is worth keeping in mind, since if 90sAREover had hit return in one of the moments when his traffic was being channeled through, we'd not be having this discussion.

p. 1636:

p. 1637:

p. 1638: