Monday, April 25, 2011

How much access does neo-nazi psychopath have to Conservative data

The ARC points out that Michelle Lisson (aka Michelle Erstikaitis), pictured right, seems to be working for Toronto Centre Conservative candidate, Kevin Moore. (Confirmed by BCL; see also DrDawg)

Two questions.

First, does Kevin Moore know this about Ms. Erstikaitis/Lisson:
TORONTO — A disturbed and violent convict who idolizes sex killer Paul Bernardo and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh told a judge yesterday she wanted to consent to being declared a dangerous offender.

Michelle Lyne Erstikaitis, 30, a diagnosed psychopath, told Justice Todd Archibald she wanted to plead guilty to assaulting her boyfriend and agreed to being declared a dangerous offender -- which means an indefinite sentence.
Second, what material does she have access to? Given that the Conservative Party has a voter-tracking database that tracks what party's lawn sign is in front of whose house, and what kind of pictures are displayed on whose facebook pages, should voters in Toronto Centre be concerned?

Update. Erstikaitis has been removed from the Conservative campaign (here).

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Conservative Wally Daudrich against government health care?

Wally DaudrichConservative Candidate in Churchill Wally Daudrich is providing some interesting fodder for bloggers:
Indeed, I've already pointed out a few eye-brow raisers from Wally's facebook page:
Now, indeed, the Press has taken notice. See Anti-abortion Tory candidate called Obama worst U.S. president, biggest liar by Jim Bronskill of the Canada Press, who noted this troubling post from Wally Daudrich's facebook page:

Wally DaudrichBig City Lib is surprised that this was the post that got press' attention. It strikes me, however, that what is especially important is not so much the name calling as the context.

Daudrich's outburst came following Obama's success in convincing the American congress to pass comprehensive health care bill, a bill (once its implemented) will provide Americans with greater access to more affordable health care. Readers will remember that opponents of the bill manufactured all manner of falsehoods about the legislation, most famously about prospective death panels, but also that the Obama health care fill would fund abortion (which wasn't so, see here, but that's a little beside the point).

And this, I think, raises a more fundamental question. If Daudrich is opposed to Obama's health care reform, which relies much less on government and much more on private insurance than the Canadian system, what does he make of Canadian medicare?

Is Conservative Wally Daudrich a Tea Partier?

Wally DaudrichYesterday BigCity Liberal posted twice on Wally Daudrich, Conservative Candidate in Churchill:
I see now that deBeauxOs has also noticed Daudrich, asking Did the Con candidate Wally Daudrich learn creative writing from TeaParty?

The answer, apparently, is yes. His facebook page (which is full of interesting stuff!) lists his activities and interests. There are a number of other eye-brow raisers, to which we may return. For now, however, it seems that Daudrich includes among his activities both the American Tea Party Patriots and its Canadian imitator the Tea Party of Canada.

Wally Daudrich

Conservative Wally Daudrich calls the NDP communists

Yesterday BigCity Liberal posted twice on Wally Daudrich, Conservative Candidate in Churchill:
We can add to this Glen McGregor at the Ottawa Citizen criticizes Wally Daudrich, for red-baiting in attacking his NDP opponent, Nikki Ashton, as a "Chinese educated socialist". The implication is clear. (She went to a Liberal Arts college in Hong Kong.)

Sadly, this is not Mr. Daudrich's only such outburst, as a peruse of Wally Daudrich's facebook page shows:

Calling the NDP communists? That's so, 1980s!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Conservative candidate Marty Burke scrubs controversial views from website

Yesterday Scott Tribe blogged about the controversial opinions that Marty Burke, Conservative candidate in Guelph, has shared in various letters-to-the-editor in recent years, including:
  • denouncing the war in Afghanistan "a near worthless operation" undertaken with the purpose of "saving face for a useless Liberal government"
  • making thinly veiled racist criticisms of the choice of Michaëlle Jean as governor general
Another letter (made in the aftermath of Harper's failure to gain Canada a seat on the United Nation's Security Council) seems to advocated suspending payment of Canada's dues to the UN.

If Burke didn't understand how out-of-sync with his constituents such views are, he seems to know now. To the left is a copy of his webpage as of a couple weeks ago (webcache via Google). To the right is what he webpage looks like now. All his letters-to-the-editor seem to have been removed.

Marty Burke
Marty Burke