Saturday, April 02, 2011

Conservative candidate Marty Burke scrubs controversial views from website

Yesterday Scott Tribe blogged about the controversial opinions that Marty Burke, Conservative candidate in Guelph, has shared in various letters-to-the-editor in recent years, including:
  • denouncing the war in Afghanistan "a near worthless operation" undertaken with the purpose of "saving face for a useless Liberal government"
  • making thinly veiled racist criticisms of the choice of MichaĆ«lle Jean as governor general
Another letter (made in the aftermath of Harper's failure to gain Canada a seat on the United Nation's Security Council) seems to advocated suspending payment of Canada's dues to the UN.

If Burke didn't understand how out-of-sync with his constituents such views are, he seems to know now. To the left is a copy of his webpage as of a couple weeks ago (webcache via Google). To the right is what he webpage looks like now. All his letters-to-the-editor seem to have been removed.

Marty Burke
Marty Burke