Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Conservative Wally Daudrich against government health care?

Wally DaudrichConservative Candidate in Churchill Wally Daudrich is providing some interesting fodder for bloggers:
Indeed, I've already pointed out a few eye-brow raisers from Wally's facebook page:
Now, indeed, the Press has taken notice. See Anti-abortion Tory candidate called Obama worst U.S. president, biggest liar by Jim Bronskill of the Canada Press, who noted this troubling post from Wally Daudrich's facebook page:

Wally DaudrichBig City Lib is surprised that this was the post that got press' attention. It strikes me, however, that what is especially important is not so much the name calling as the context.

Daudrich's outburst came following Obama's success in convincing the American congress to pass comprehensive health care bill, a bill (once its implemented) will provide Americans with greater access to more affordable health care. Readers will remember that opponents of the bill manufactured all manner of falsehoods about the legislation, most famously about prospective death panels, but also that the Obama health care fill would fund abortion (which wasn't so, see here, but that's a little beside the point).

And this, I think, raises a more fundamental question. If Daudrich is opposed to Obama's health care reform, which relies much less on government and much more on private insurance than the Canadian system, what does he make of Canadian medicare?