Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vote against spam and spammers!

Bloggers may or may not recognize the name Harry Tsai, the Conservative candidate in Scarborough-Agincourt. He seems to engage in a practice that bloggers universally despise — comment-spamming.

So, for example, in a MoneySense article on increasing auto premiums, we find Harry Tsai commenting (here) that "You can save $$ on car insurance premium !!" Clicking on the link under his name takes you to the webpage of SID autowatch, a maker of vehicle security systems.

Similarly, at a Money Canoe article on increasing insurance premiums in Ontario Harry Tsai leaves a nearly identical comment (here) advocating vehicle immobilizers.

And SID autowatch? Apparently Mr. Tsai has a financial interest. Here is a picture of him manning their promotional booth at an industry function.

Which brings us to our point: oppose comment-spam by voting against comment-spammers like Harry Tsai!