Saturday, October 04, 2008

Won't someone please think of the children? (The Harper-Harris plagiarism case)

Yesterday J-rad explosed Harper's plagiarism of a speech of Mike Harris in Montreal.

Today the Globe and Mail reports that Harper is dismissing the new allegations of plagiarism against him:
    Conservative Leader Stephen Harper brushed off fresh charges of plagiarism Saturday, saying phrases in one of his speeches — lines apparently first spoken by a former Ontario premier — are nothing more than political boilerplate.
Harper's response is disappointing on a number of grounds. Harper doesn't actually deny copying them from Harris, he merely asserts that copying is OK in this case because … the words were "boilerplate".

To which I can only say. Kids, don't try this at home … or (more to the point) … don't try this at school. A hard-ass professor will fail you for this, and the penalties for repeat offenders are pretty serious.

Update. BCer in TO wonders whether Conservatives are plagarizing themselves now?.

Update II.  Jared, who broke the story of Harper's plagiarism of Mike Harris' speech, brings everyone up to date.