Monday, December 15, 2008

Separatists on parade, 6: Erik Gregson comes out of the closet

Over at BCL, Ti-guy has a question about this passage from the profile of Erik Gregson at the new separatist site, the Western Business and Taxpayer Association (I've corrected the typo).
Ti-Guy's question:
    Erik Gregson "lost belief" in Canada in 2005? Disregarding the mental retardation manifested in that statement, I wonder what was the final straw?
An interesting question, Ti-guy. What would be especially helpful is if we knew exactly when this happened. Or, better still, a copy of his statement. Something like this:
Now, as you can see the date of the program is June 18 2005. What was going on in mid-June 2005? Two names come to mind. Stronach and Grewal. Which (as you may have guessed) makes this blogger nostalgic for happy times.

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