Friday, April 24, 2009

Separatists on parade revisited: parade forgotten?

For a short time in December a new western separatist group emerged, though its rollout was marred by a series of missteps that I chronicled at the time (here). Several unsuitable characters were recruited for its council:
  • its BC chair had to be removed over "incompatible philosophies" (here: apparently it had to do with his views on race war and political assassination)
  • one policy chair resigned when problems with his claims about his experience emerged (here and here)
  • the next policy chair claimed a degree from a diploma mill (here)
In the meantime, apparently its all gone stale. The webpage seems not to have been updated in months, no progress seems to have been reached in filling vacancies in the council, and their founding convention has been forgotten.

Here is their convention page as of this morning (here):

The date, of course, is noteworthy. The convention is supposed to start today. Given that as of this morning "prices and location are yet to be determined" one assumes that it did not happen.

Apparently it has been postponed or forgotten.