Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is an apology too much to ask for?

Apparently not if you are another Conservative minister. Apology offered and accepted.
Canwest: Health minister accepts colleague's apology for taped remarks:

    Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq has accepted her colleague Lisa Raitt's apology for disparaging remarks made about her that were caught on an audio tape, and says she's putting the ordeal behind her so she can concentrate on her work.

If, however, you might be just a little offended that cancer be described as "sexy"? Not so much.
CTV: Harper and Raitt stand defiant in political storm:

    Despite intense pressure, however, both Raitt and Harper refused to give an inch as both stopped short of even issuing a formal apology.

Metroland: Harper, Raitt unapologetic for 'sexy' cancer comment:

    An unbowed Stephen Harper is standing by his embattled and unapologetic natural resources minister, dismissing the storm of criticism swirling around Lisa Raitt.

    Opposition parties and cancer survivors called for Raitt's resignation - or at least an apology - Tuesday for describing the shortage of isotopes used in cancer tests as a "sexy" issue from which she could benefit politically.

    They got neither.

Update. Teary Raitt says she's sorry