Saturday, May 28, 2005

Running list of so-con nominees

The story in the Globe & Mail about the success of social conservative activists in winning battles for Conservative nominations raises some interesting issues. The first point, of course, is that everyone should agree that so-cons are perfectly within their rights to organize politically. By the same token, of course, others are free to express concern about their influence and to decide whether or not to support them or their party.

It would be worth knowing how many ridings are affected. So this post will keep a running list, with references.
  1. Andrew House in Halifax

  2. Rakesh Khosla in Halifax West

  3. Paul Francis in Sackville-Eastern Shore

  4. Darrel Reid in Richmond (past president of Focus on the Family, Canada). On his nomination and its aftermath, see here and here

  5. Cindy Silver in North Vancouver (Legal Consultant (Public Policy) for Focus on the Family Canada)

  6. Marc Dalton in New Westminster-Burnaby (former pastor of a community church in Burnaby)

  7. Kevin Serviss in Sudbury (pentecostal preacher) here and here

  8. Ron Cannan in Kelowna

  9. Rondo Thomas in Ajax (VP of Canada Christian College)

  10. David Sweet in Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough (founding president of Promise Keepers Canada)

  11. Harold Albrecht in Kitchner-Conestoga (pastor of Pathway Community Church in Kitcher and organizer of anti-ssm-marriage rallies [here])

[Note: this post was originally posted at Buckets of Grewal. I decided, however, that Buckets should focus exclusively on the Grewal Affair. Several of the out-takes from that site are now here.]

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