Saturday, May 28, 2005

Who is a socon, anyway?

As you probably know, we've been constructing a running list of socon nominees. I've spent the last day or two trying to construct a similar list of MPs. But who counts?

A method that I've always subscribed to is to let someone else do the work. The good people over at the Campaign Life Coalition track voting of Parliamentarians on the issues that they care about--abortion, gay marriage, reproductive technology.

They list there five bills of recent years that are important to them.
  • The 1999 Definition of Marriage Vote.

  • The 2003 Definition of Marriage Vote.

  • Bill C-250 adding ‘sexual orientation’ to hate crime.

  • Motion M-83 asking for study on medical necessity of abortion.

  • Bill C-13 Reproductive technologies bill.
One would assume, I think, that anyone who would vote in keeping with the directive of the Campaign Life Coalition should count as a social conservative. (Of course, we should update the lists with those who have voted against same-sex marriage.)