Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vampire Chronicles (72 = 81?)

Wikipedia attracts The wikipedia article on Ann Rice's series, The Vampire Chronicles.  Here are a few edits from its edit history:
    (diff) 20:28, 4 December 2004 (Talk) (→''Vittorio, the Vampire'') 
    (diff) 20:27, 4 December 2004 (Talk) (→''Blood and Gold'') 
    (diff) 20:26, 4 December 2004 (Talk) (→''Blood and Gold'') 
If you click on the diffs, you can see that the edits are vandalism, with x.x.x.81 "STEPHEN S IS A BIG POO FACE YOU EATS POO", x.x.x.72 erasing it, and then x.x.x.81 re-inserting it.

Given the fluidity of the IPs, it seems x.x.x.72 is erasing his own handiwork.