Sunday, July 27, 2008

KLRVU's mystery customer changes his mind


Another interesting change is on KLRVU's front page. Consider the screen cap to the right, where a testimonial as been added to the front page praising KLRVU's polling prowess. A satisfied customer boasts that because of KLRVU "only we knew the win was going to be that close".

Or at least that is what it used to say. If you go to the page now, the satisfied customer has changed his mind.

SatisfiedAfterNow, as you can see in the screen shot to the left, the satisfied customer does not any longer assure us how good KLRVU is at polling, but instead that "touch tone technology" (a.k.a. phone spamming) is the future.

That is an odd change.

Why remove a specific testimonial about how good you are at polling in favour of a glib statement of the value of phone spam? The first might bring customers to your business; the second only attracts them to your industry.

Might it be that the claims to polling-wizardry were false or exaggerated to begin with? and that this is merely yet another falsehood that is now quietly removed?