Friday, July 25, 2008

Plagiarism at KLRVU

Over at Unrepentant old hippy, JJ has noticed some very odd things going on with the Morgentaler poll done by KLRVU. It was sponsored by Lifesite, and seems to have been designed to show Canadian opposition to the recent award of the Order of Canada to Henry Mortgentaler.

The problem is that the poll was done by a firm that no one has ever heard of.  Indeed, even google seemed to have no listing. As soon as questions were asked, a web-site was discovered at

But that page seems to have been only created yesterday, after questions began to be raised, and unsurprisingly, there are signs of haste in its construction. Note, for example, one of its pages explaining why you should particpate in its polls (the spelling error in the original). Here is a screen shot:
A quick google search, however, shows that this is a rip-off from a page at Survey-USA, an American company that provides the similar services:
This is merely a copy and paste job with every American reference is replaced by a Canadian one, and every reference to SurveyUSA is replaced by one to KLRVU.

This reeks not only of dishonesty, but also of incompetence.  It seems that the only part of this page that is not plagiarized is the two words of the title: "why particpate", one of which is mispelled.

More to come, probably.