Thursday, December 04, 2008

A better way forward: Harper should resign as CPC leader

Not to be one to sign out of tune, but I'm dubious about the coalition and its stability. The Liberal Party is between leaders and the Bloc's goals can change quickly. I doubt whether it will last more than a few months and am concerned that it might become the basis of a Dolchsto├člegend for Alberta and the Conservatives, somewhat the way the NEP.

A better solution would be for Harper to step down as leader of the CPC and for the Conservatives to choose an interim leader to face Parliament on Monday.


Anonymous said...

The alternative is too dire! See here also.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Now, wouldn't it had been a great speech last night if that's what the coalition would have asked for in exchange for allowing the *minority* Conservative government to continue?

That would have placed more emphasis on Harper as being the problem, which is true enough.