Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hiding Agendas (3): look ma, no endorsements!

As you may know, last week I posted about changes to the endorsement page at the website of Cindy Silver, Conservative Candidate for North Vancouver.

It began when someone noticed that Ms. Silver had been endorsed by Sharon Hayes, a former Reform MP who is now on the board of directors of Focus on the Family Canada, for which Silver worked. Someone decided, it seems, that Ms. Hayes' endorsement was not worth keeping and it was deleted (see here, with screenshots).

The old pages were still available through google-cache, however. Once someone noticed that the change had been noticed, the google-cache was purged (see here).

Not only that, but it seems that one of the remaining endorsements contained something that Ms. Silver's campaign managers found awkward. One of her remaining endorsements implied that she was anti-abortion. Here it is:
Cindy Silver North Vancouver

But compare yesterday's page to this morning's:

Cindy Silver North Vancouver

Notice the difference? Cindy Silver's website no longer gives links to her own endorsement page. It is, as I write this, still there if you go to But please go see it now. Who knows how much longer it will last?

For other Cindy Silver posts, follow the link.

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Brad said...

It will last a good long time.

You can reach it at any time here.