Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why did Cindy Silver remove the endorsement of Sharon Hayes?

Everyone no doubt remembers the foofurah last May about the way in which the religious right had been able to capture Conservative nominations in several ridings.

One of the nominees about whom concern was expressed was Cindy Silver, who had been legal counsel for Focus on the Family.
Cindy Silver North Vancouver

Until recently, however, Ms. Silver's endorsement page looked slightly different. Thanks to the miracle of google-cache, we know that it looked like this (here is a screen capture):
Cindy Silver North Vancouver

Who is Sharon Hayes? She is a former Reform MP who represented Port Moody-Coquitlam from 1993-1997. Ms. Hayes is best remembered for issuing a press release on Parliamentary letter-head accusing the Chinese of eating aborted fetuses. She is now on the board of Directors for Focus on the Family Canada.

Anyway, in her words: "When I first met Cindy twelve years ago I saw in her a unique combination of skills. Here is a woman whose person priorities are in place, who gets to the crux of the legal issues and find soutions, who speaks and writes well, and is wiling to wrok with and on behalf of others. As one of the first women elected to represent the Reform/Alliance Party, I would be delighted to see Cindy take the btaon and run with int in the next Conservative government."

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