Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hiding Agendas (4): Cindy Silver's petition against recognizing gay relationships

As I've pointed out in several points, it seems that Cindy Silver, Conservative Canadidate in North Vancouver, is trying to portray herself as a social moderate. In a story about her in the North Shore News, Ms. Silver denies being a social conservative at all, and claims that she did not share all the positions that she had to take while she was lawyer for Focus on the Family. This may well be true. Only Ms. Silver knows her own mind.

There are occasions in her career where her actions seem to belie any suggestion of moderation. Here is one of them.

Parliamentary Hansard of Oct. 7, 1994:
Mr. Ted White (North Vancouver): Mr. Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order 36 I would like to present a petition from Cindy Silver and 98 others where the petitioners pray and request that Parliament not amend the human rights code, the Canadian Human Rights Act or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in any way which would tend to indicate societal approval of same sex relationships or of homosexuality, including amending the human rights code to include in the prohibited grounds of discrimination the undefined phrase sexual orientation.
Ten years ago, Ms. Silver petitioned parliament not to allow any legal recognition of gay relationships. The fact that she is mentioned by name suggests that she not merely signed the petition, but organized it.

Now, maybe her thinking has evolved on this issue, as it has for many of us. But if that is the case, a more forthright acknowledgement of the change and complete clarity of what she will vote for is in order.

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