Saturday, May 31, 2008

Archaeology of a smear, part 2: WCOTC comes to Canada (2002)

In 2002 and 2003, the Creativity Movement (as the World Church of the Creator came to now known after losing a trademark dispute to the Church of the Creator in 2003) was growing. The crude racial hatred and incitement of racist violence (examined in the part 1 of this series) had brought exposure in the media and fueled its growth. New chapters were founded and new members recruited, including in Canada.

In September 2002, poster "Demigorgona" announced on the racist website that a new chapter of the WCOC had been founded in Ottawa (to the right; google archive, here*). Contact information was given, followed by the invocation "RaHoWa!", a racist slogal abbreviating "Racial Holy War". At about the same time new chapters were started in Montreal and Alberta.

These Canadian chapters have since folded, and their web-pages have been deleted, but much of their contents can still be retrieved through the Wayback Machine, and many of Demigorgona's writings were cross-posted to racist websites, including Stormfront.

The message proclaimed on these pages was the same as the wider church: "the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race", with frequent calls for "Racial Holy War".

The Canadian website hosted some of her writings, and many will be happy that that site is gone, since what it advocated is repellant to all decent people. The downside, of course, is educating people about racism is often best achieved by exposing its ugliness. And that there was plenty of ugliness can be seen in the following excerpts of Demigorgona's writing:
  • Keep Hate Alive (via google cache): "I love the white race and I HATE its enemies. It's enemies are all mud races. Whether consciously or unconsciously they are waging a war against us. Survival is the only glory in war. ……"

  • My Blood is True (via Google cache): "Racial Purity. The only way the white race will be able to prevail is to keep our racial bloodlines pure. … The Jew knows this as well. The Jews have known this for centuries! This is why the Jew brought Africans over to North America, why they duped good white men into believing they needed slaves. This is why they pushed freedom and then so called 'civil rights' for negros. This is why they have opened the non-white immigrant floodgates in all white lands. This is why they push their everyone and question nothing drum-beat on us! They want to destroy the one true last bastion of white power; that is, pure blooded white men and women. ……"

  • To Victory White Man (via google cache): "The white man's greatest enemy is the Jew. For thousands of years the Jew has been a parasite on white civilization. They have not been workers in factories or any other type of labour. The Jews have for the most part been the bankers, the factory owners, the ones with the money and the power. Over time, they gained a monopoly over the world's monetary systems. Now they have gained complete control over most of the world's economy. …… The final step is to expel all non-whites, race traitors, and opponents to our cause to a non-white nation of their choice. We should even offer to pay for them to leave and never come back, it would after all be a worthwhile investment into the future of the white race."

  • Ernst Zundel (via google cache): "Ernst Z√ľndel is a true hero in every sense of the word. He's dedicated his life to serving his race and to spreading the truth about the Jews and their so called "Holocaust." ……"
These are only a few of her essays, and her essays only make up a tiny portion of the thousands of racist posts that she made under her pen-names Demigorgona and NordischeDonner, as can be seen from two of her Stormfront user profiles:

She posted elsewhere, too, including the Vanguard News Network, and She had her own page at (no longer active), and even started her own racist site at (via google cache).

To be continued....
    *I have linked to the google-caches of these pages rather than to Stormfront itself. If you want you can click on through.