Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Klatt's Clunkers: why Bernard Klatt should be disbelieved (summary thread)

Warren Kinsella, when this whole business broke out, wrote:
    I understand that a number of haters - two in particular - have gleefully relied upon Messrs. Lemire and Klatt as sources to viciously defame a good man.

    Would you regard two notorious supporters of neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups as "experts" in anything? Of course not. Only a hateful fool would do such a thing.
(He adds details about Bernard Klatt's background here.)

Jonathan Kay, having repeated Klattt's allegations, tried to retract them. When challenged by Ezra Levant, he explained:
    I took the post down when a more intelligent colleague of mine gave me some background about who Bernard Klatt is. Whatever Klatt may know about electronic sleuthing and the like, I didn't feel comfortable citing his affidavit as a source, even if all of the technical details in it are correct.
Both are, simply, wrong. The reason to disbelieve Klatt's testimony is not because Klatt is or isn't (or was or wasn't) a neo-Nazi, alà Kinsella. Nor are his politics a reason to disregard his sleuthing skills, alà Kay.   No, the reason to disbelieve Klatt's testimony is because it was patently wrong on so many points and his "sleuthing skills" are decidedly substandard:

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