Monday, May 05, 2008

Klatt's Clunkers 7: Bernard Klatt doesn't understand Rogers web caching

As we have seen, one of the key pieces of evidence in the Cools-post debate has been the IP (which has the host name As I have shown at length in this post, the wc stands for web-cache. A web-caching proxy server keeps copies of web-pages in its storage in order to save bandwidth. This practice, now in Roger's past, is important for the present controversy for two reasons. First, Rogers proxies hid the IPs of the individual computers that they are proxying for, and it was the proxy's IP that was logged at the websites visited. Second, because the proxy is performing this function for tens of thousands of Rogers subscribers at a time, the IP by itself is of little help in tying any one of them to any specific post.

In his testimony, however, Bernard Klatt seems to have missed this important fact. Indeed, when the topic of Rogers web-caching arose, he pleaded ignorance.
    Bernard Klatt, Richard Warman, Cools
Since the IP in question was a such a proxy, and in fact the single most relevant fact to the case, Klatt's admission has the effect of rendering his testimony useless.

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