Monday, May 05, 2008

Klatt's clunkers 6: Bernard Klatt on Rogers service in BC

Bernard Klatt, the technology "expert" whose bunglings we have been reviewing in this series (for other posts, see the index at the foot of this post), argued before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that Richard Warman was responsible for the notorious Cools posting.

Bernard KlattBernard KlattAnother mistake can be found in his testimony of February 7, 2007 (T1073/5405, p. 1638-9), which you can see to the right. The problem? Rogers hadn't offered cable service in BC since 2000. The chair's question seems to imply that he knows better and gave Klatt the opportunity to extract himself from an obvious error. Still, Klatt is adamant.

(And in case you might think that this was a temporary slip he repeated the error at p. 1723, lines 3-5.)

Again, this is simply wrong. By the time of Klatt's testimony, Rogers had not been in British Columbia for seven years. Shouldn't an expert know things like this?

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