Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Archaeology of a smear, part 4: some documentary forensics

So far in this series, we have seen how the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC)-- a white-supremacist organization with a history of racist violence (see see part 1)--was brought to Canada by a young woman who used the pseudonym "Demigorgona" in the autumn of 2002 (see part 2). Her actions prompted a complaint to the Canadian Human RIghts Commission by activist Richard Warman.

Sometime during the following year, however, "Demi" seems to have seen the error of her ways. She repented of her racism and wrote a letter of apology.

To whom, exactly, however, did she write the letter? Paragraph 41 of the Fournier's statement of defense (here; read the whole thing here) describes the letter as having been "sent to the CHRC". If you look at the address on the letter itself, however, it is clear that it was sent not to the Human Rights Commission, but C/O the Commission. And "c/o", as everyone knows, is an (abbreviation for "care of").

"C/O" should mean that the Commision was not the intended recipient, but was to act as an intermediary and deliver the letter to the addressee. But the addressee's name is missing.

It has been removed, as a a close look at the image of the letter confirms. If you look at the images to right, you'll see a close-up of the letter's inside address. The top one is "au natural", and the bottom one has its contrast heightened and brightness lowered. in it you can see that there used to be something in the line between the date (July 31) and the line beginning "C/O".

Clearly the addressee's name has been removed -- or, rather, covered over. At first I thought that this was white-out. But in the darker of the two shots, you can see the outlines of a piece of scotch-tape that is affixing a small piece of paper over the addressee's name.

Now, I don't see any way of determining on the present evidence who the letter was addressed to, but I want to hazard a guess in my next post about who it was written for. As we shall see, they need not be the same.

To be continued…