Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The spy who didn't shag my wifi 6: what did Lemire ask Black about jadewarr?

In a series of posts we have been examining the allegations that Human Rights investigator Dean Steacy had hacked the IP of an Ottawa woman to visit Stormfront, a white supremacist site. The visit took place on Dec. 8, 2006, during a time when (according to a Bell technician subpoenaed to provide the information) the IP had been assigned to Nelly Hechme.

But how do we know that was jadewarr's IP on that day? We have already seen that according to one Stormfront official, this IP was used by jadewarr in September, not December 8. (See here.)

The date of Dec. 8th comes from information supplied by Don Black, and given the contradiction about the date, we should look especially closely at this. Unfortunately, he has not himself commented publicly on this matter. What he said comes via Marc Lemire, who reported Black's information in his motion to subpoena Bell. This motion has been archived for easier consultation in part 5 of this series, here. Here is the section in which he discusses Black's information:
According to paragraph 4, Lemire asked Black for the "email address, IP-address, hostname, and access" of the jadewarr account.

But email address, IP, and hostname when? The motion doesn't say. And "when" is the fundamental question here, since according to the Bell technician's testimony Hechme only had this IP for a single day. Indeed, one wonders whether Lemire asked for a specific date at all. If he didn't, and Black gave him the IP that jadewarr had posted from on Sept. 15, then there is no contradiction between the reports of Black and OdinPatrick.

To be continued…

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