Monday, June 09, 2008

The spy who didn't shag my wifi 2: someone else notices Jadewarr

In my first post in this series, we reviewed the background to a recent allegation that Dean Steacy, an investigator with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, had hacked the wifi of an Ottawa woman and used her IP to visit Stormfront, a white supremacist website.

The allegation depended on a chain of evidence:
  • on the testimony of Bell technician that the IP belonged to Nelly Hechme on December 6, 2006;
  • on Don Black, founder and webmaster of Stormfront, who informed Marc Lemire that was the IP of Steacy's pseudonym "jadewarr";
  • on a reporter who contacted Hechme and reported that she had not been involved;
  • and on internet pundits, who concluded that the details could only be explained if Steacy had hacked the wifi.

But in all the discussion about this allegation, people have overlooked an important piece of evidence: that another Stormfront administrator had already noticed the link between Steacy and Jadewarr.

We have already seen jadewarr's member profile from Stormfront, the relevant part of which is reposted to the right. It shows that jadewarr only posted once at that site, and that post is worth visiting.

On September 3, 2006, Marc Lemire had started a new thread denouncing the unfairness of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which had recently rejected his complaints against the hate crimes unit of the Edmonton RCMP. (You can find the thread in Google-cache here, or click through from there to the Stormfront site.) Several other Stormfront members responded, all agreeing with Lemire.

The fifth post to that thread, made Sept. 15, was contributed by Jadewarr. You can read it yourself here:
Following this post, the thread went quiet, and no-one added to it for a long time.

A year-and-a-half later, however -- long after jadewarr's post and the jadewarr-Steacy connection had been made public -- a moderator of Stormfront's Canadian section by the name of "OdinPatrick" noticed jadewarr's solitary post and responded to it.
As you can see, OdinPatrick had unkind words for jadewarr, and more abuse followed that doesn't need to be repeated here. Towards the end of his post, OdinPatrick added this:
OdinPatrick cites two IPs here: one used to register, and one used to post. The second is identical to the IP that Black had given to Lemire:

Jadewarr had only ever posted one message to Stormfront, on Sept. 15, 2006, that would have been his IP on that date, according to OdinPatrick's statement.

To be continued…

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