Thursday, June 12, 2008

The spy who didn't shag my wifi 7: the right IP on the wrong date

This series has been examining allegations that CHRC investigator Dean Steacy had hacked the IP of an Ottawa woman to visit Stormfront, a white supremacist site.

The IP in question was and the date of the alleged hacking is Dec. 8, 2006. But as far as I can see, there is no evidence that Steacy had that IP on that date. We know that he had that IP on Sept. 15: a Stormfront moderator said so (see here). And we know that jadewarr visited Stormfront on Dec. 8 (see here), but by then the IP had been assigned to an Ottawa woman named Nelly Hechme. We have no evidence, however, that the Dec. 8th post used this IP.

Yes, Don Black, founder of Stormfront, had apparently informed Marc Lemire that jadewarr had used this IP. Here is the relevant section of Lemire's motion for the Bell subpoena (I've added the numbering; for the whole motion, see here):
To judge from this, however, Black didn't specify which date (see paragraph 5). Nor is there anything here to suggest that Lemire had asked Black about December specifically (see esp. #4). Indeed, given the context, we wouldn't expect him to ask for a specific date: he wanted as much information as possible.

Now, it is clear that we have incomplete information. But we have as much as the court that awarded the subpoena did, since the court gave that subpoena on the basis of this motion. And this motion does not say that jadewarr used on Dec. 8.

Nor did the Bell technician. He said that Nelly Hechme had that IP on that date.

To be continued…

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