Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another McVety front (taking us to 25)

The 12th item in Rushfeldt's list is the Canadian College of Christian Councilors (sic). If you type the name correctly into google you'll find your way to Canadian College of Christian Counsellors, which is an accreditation agency (as you may have guessed) for Christian counsellors.

Membership doesn't seem very demanding:
  • A minimum of a Bachelor's degree in counselling or related field.
  • Complete and submit all sections of the CCCC application forms, with references.
  • Be willing to adhere to CCCC ethical standards for practice.
  • Attend the CCCC general meetings
  • Support the goals and objectives of the CCCC
  • Maintain high educational standards
  • Pay the required fees
Where is the check to be sent?
    Canadian College of Christian Counsellors
    50 Gervais Drive
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3C 1Z3
    (416) 391 5000
For those of you who have been paying attention, you'll recognize that address as the home of several McVety fronts (here and here):
So, McVety's now got at least five organizations in the list. We have, however, established the principle of only one front per customer. This takes the list to 24?