Saturday, August 16, 2008

Astroturfing for Christ, or: Make that 38 groups

As we have seen, a number of socially conservative groups have called for the dismissal Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverley McLachlin because of her role in chairing the committee that awarded the Order of Canada to Morgentaler.

There seems to be some double counting; as we've already seen, three of the businesses listed have the same address.

The same point can probably be made about this pair, which are 22nd and 23rd in the list.As you can see if you click on the links, these are both part of the same ministry, run by faith healer Rev. Audrey Mabley, who is (are?) the nice lady (ladies?) to the right.

Now, it is perfectly appropriate for Ms. Mabley to express her opinion about the Chief Justice (even though she is, ahem, wrong). But should she be counted twice?