Monday, August 18, 2008

♬ We're goin' to the chapel ...♬ (28, I suppose)

JJ gives a nice overview of the developments to Brian Rushfeld's list of organizations calling for the impeachment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. She asks (among other things) "how low will it go"?

At least one more lower, I guess. I point out to you the 40th group in Rushfeld's list: Together for Life Ministries.

If you check out the website, you'll find this nice lady, Rev. Anne Welker, M.Div., who can for the low, low price of $350 marry you ($100 extra for the rehearsal). She also runs a marriage counseling service (here: $60-$80 per hour) and marriage workshops (here: no price given).

Now, I quote these prices not because there is anything wrong with her making her living this way. The labourer is worthy of his hire, as it says in the Good Book, and Rev. Welker's customers seem happy.

But Together for Life Ministries is essentially a one-woman operation, a portable wedding chapel, if you will.

And as such, it doesn't really belong in Rushfeld's list, which was at 29, but which should now be trimmed to 28.