Sunday, September 21, 2008

Conservative candidate, Chris Reid: Canadians are "a castrated effeminate population"

Over at BCL, Toronto center Conservative candidate, Chris Reid makes an appearance to complain about his coverage.

One thing that he doesn't explain, however, is his comments from this past summer when he mocks the passengers who escaped Vince Weiguang Li's rampage on that Greyhound bus in Manitoba.  He's since deleted the blog, but they can still be recovered from google cache (here):

Chris Reid, Conservative candidate
Now, some might dismiss Mr. Reid's outburst as the result of watching too many action movies.  But let's leave that aside.

What is more striking is the sneery way he describes Canadians.  The "Canadian thing", he mocks, is to "flee in terror" and to muster no "courage or sacrifice".  And the way that he describes Canada's population as "a "castrated" and "effeminate".

Now, it is hardly surprising that this is the kind of view that a candidate would want to hide from scrutiny.  Before he became a candidate, apparently, his blog disappeared.  

But this raises another series of questions. Who decided to make the blog disappear?  Reid? or his Conservative vetters?  Did his Conservative vetters know about his views?  Do they know about them now?  Do they think that Reid is a fitting representative of their party?

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