Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ryan Warawa on Belinda Stronach smoking Clinton's cigar

Ryan WarawaA couple days ago pointed out that Conservative candidate Conservative candidate Ryan Warawa has "disappeared" his blog, apparently because its contents, which include arguing for legalization of drugs and prostitution, would not reflect well on a Conservative candidate.

And yesterday Big City Lib pointed out that among the hidden posts is one in which Ryan Warawa very probably defamed Keith Martin by suggesting a connection to drug money.
There are, however, other problematic posts. Remember the reports of that Bill Clinton and Belinda Stronach were acquainted. Consider Ryan's salacious reporting of that news:

Ryan Warawa
Now, it is the case that many conservative commentators have said some unkind things about Stronach, her politics, and her change of party. But this goes much further than even her harshest critics.

It is not just the prurient interest, but the leering innuendo. This is beneath what one would expect of a candidate for political office.

(If you want to read this in context, you can see a screen-capture of the archive of that month in the link to the left.)