Sunday, September 28, 2008

More evidence on the Peter Kent (CPC Thornhill) and the CCD

As we have seen, Peter Kent is a senior member of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, a group that has taken many controversial positions, as can be seen in Dr. Dawg's recent post, "Ten questions for Peter Kent, CPC candidate for Thornhill".

More evidence of Kent's involvement with the CCD should be the groups website. At one time, they had a page listing their personnel at That page was removed sometime within the last year.

Thanks to the Wayback machine, however, it's possible to see what that page looked liked on various dates.

Peter Kent is listed as a member of the CCD's Executive Dommittee and Board of Directors from August 2006 t0 at least the end of October 2006 (screen shot, below), and a Director from February 2007 until July 2007. Then the page was deleted.

Here is what the page looked like in October 2006, when Peter Kent was on the Executive Committee and a Director.

Update. Questions for Peter Kent arising from his relationship with CCD:

Update. See now my Handy Peter Kent (Thornhill) controversy index