Sunday, September 28, 2008

A twelfth question for Peter Kent: do Guelph students deserve to have their freedoms extinguished?

Peter Kent and the Canadian Coalition for DemocraciesAs we have seen, in 2006 Peter Kent, current Conservative candidate in Toronto Thornhill, served as a Director and on the Executive Committee of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. The President of CCD at this time was Al Gordon, well known for his inflamatory commentary on matters international and domestic.

On April 4, 2006, Al Gordon, President of the CCD wrote the following on CCD's website:
    The gutless Guelph students deserve to have their freedoms extinguished for capitulating to Islamist thugs. What snivelling, cowardly little nebishes.
Given that Peter Kent was a member of the CCD's executive, as well as a director, at the time, and given that this opinion was expressed by the President of the Coalition for Democracieson its official web-site, another question for Mr. Kent:
    Presumably you disagree with Mr. Gordon's sentiments. Did Mr. Gordon express these opinions at Executive Committee meetings or opinions similar to these? What did you do? Will you denounce them now?
Earlier questions for Peter Kent:Update. Dr. Dawg has another question (which I will call the 13th) for Peter Kent about outrageous quotations emanating from the CCD website.

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