Monday, April 07, 2008

How many proxies does Rogers have?

As we have seen, (=, which has recently been at the central of controversy, is one of Rogers' web-caching proxy servers. These proxies are named with the prefix wc~ (for 'web caching'), a number, and a geographical reference.

So far, we have seen 14 proxies with the mtnk designation, and 14 with a wlfdle bank. Given the pattern, it only took a moment to identify a third bank of proxies, again 14 in number, this time with the abbreviation ym. This brings the number of identified proxy servers to 42, which are:
    IP hostname IP hostname IP hostname wc01.wlfdle.~ wc01.mtnk.~ wc01.ym.~ wc02.wlfdle.~ wc02.mtnk.~ wc02.ym.~ wc03.wlfdle.~ wc03.mtnk.~ wc03.ym.~ wc04.wlfdle.~ wc04.mtnk.~ wc04.ym.~ wc05.wlfdle.~ wc05.mtnk.~ wc05.ym.~ wc06.wlfdle.~ wc06.mtnk.~ wc06.ym.~ wc07.wlfdle.~ wc07.mtnk.~ wc07.ym.~ wc08.wlfdle.~ wc08.mtnk.~ wc08.ym.~ wc09.wlfdle.~ wc09.mtnk.~ wc09.ym.~ wc10.wlfdle.~ wc10.mtnk.~ wc10.ym.~ wc11.wlfdle.~ wc11.mtnk.~ wc11.ym.~ wc12.wlfdle.~ wc12.mtnk.~ wc12.ym.~ wc13.wlfdle.~ wc13.mtnk.~ wc13.ym.~ wc14.wlfdle.~ wc14.mtnk.~ wc14.ym.~

Update.  According to this, mtnk abbreviates "Newkirk"; wlfdle, "Wolfedale"; and ym, "York Mills".

Update 2. Presumably these are located at the Rogers offices at these addresses:
  • 3573 Wolfedale Rd, Mississauga
  • 855 York Mills Rd, North York
  • 244 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill

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