Saturday, April 19, 2008

More on R1 1.3 as the user agent string in the Cools post of 90sAREover

We have already seen that the user agent string of 90sAREover (who posted a nasty racist screed against Anne Cools on Sept. 5, 2003) was "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Rogers Hi-Speed Internet; (R1 1.3))".

The reference to Rogers here is to a special version of Rogers' browser distributed to its subscribers.

In a user agent string, R1 1.3, refers to Real Player, and we can now state definitively what the specific version was: RealOne Player, version 2, and as you can see here (red arrow for the RealOne version; violet arrow for the user agent string):
The difficulty, as commentator freemarkets pointed out in the comments to an earlier thread, is that we can only get the RealOne Player to show up in the user agent string if it is actually the browser that is being used. That is, Real Player versions for Windows, at least since RealOne, have a browser built into them, so that you can surf the web using Real Player.

It seems that the only possible explanation is that the Cools poster 90sAREover was using RealOne as his browser. But an important question remains outstanding. How is it that "Rogers Hi-Speed Internet" found its way into the user agent string. Was there a special Rogers version of RealOne Player?


freemarkets said...

I think you've covered it all now. I got similar results with all my tests and the latest version of RealPlayer. Behaviour seems to be consistent across different versions.

Great work on all this and thanks for the exchanges.

buckets said...

Thanks for your help getting some of these loose ends tidied up.