Wednesday, April 02, 2008

proxy servers 2: other Rogers proxy servers at

We have been trying to discover how a group of Rogers IPs are related to one another.  Our results so far are illustrated by the ball-of-string to the right, where each strand represents a user who's IP can be seen shifting from one IP to another.   We saw in the last post, however, that one of them,, was a proxy server.  It is listed as a proxy server in the logs of from April 19th, 2003, and December 23rd and 26th, 2004.  And, by a lucky chance, it attracted the attention of John Walker of AutoCad (here), who discussed how such a proxy might affect one's logs.  

This raises the question whether there are other proxies among these IPs, and since we found this Rogers proxy at, this is obviously the first place to look.  These other Rogers IPs are listed as proxy servers in its logs on the following dates:This means that about half of the IPs that we have been considering are proxy servers. Adding this to our ball of string, with each confirmed proxy circled (the colour is according to year), produces the graphic at the left.