Saturday, April 05, 2008

proxy servers 4: someone notices their proxy (75)

At least one Rogers customer was surprised to learn that his system was being proxied. In xxx, "intrudah" wrote (here):
    i was playing on some gaming ladders (rainbow 6), and i was banned because it said my ip was used by another account.  i get this on the ip analyser:
      "Your IP ( appears to be behind a web proxy server ( and results shown might not be for your system."
    the admins think its because of the proxy.  any thoughts?
The discussion did not develop much from there.  But note that is one of the IPs that we have been tracking, and here it proxies for, which at one time was part of a Rogers range (see here and here).  At least in this case, the Rogers customer did not even know he was behind a proxy.