Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where are all the logs?

I have been posting for several weeks on the question of whether, as some have argued, "lucy" (a pseudonym that we know belonged to Richard Warman) was the same person as "90sAREover" (who posted a nasty racist denunciation of Anne Cools), as has been alleged by his enemies. I've already shown that the IP being used,, is a web-caching proxy that might be almost anyone in Ontario. And in the last post I pointed out that Klatt's testimony in Warman v. Lemire (see here) about 90sAREover's user agent string on Sept. 5, 2003, seems to imply that it was performed on a different computer than the one that Warman used on October 15.

But all this raises a question that should be uncomfortable for those who have argued that Warman is the Cools poster. Why is it that these logs have not been released? Is it because they are inconsistent with the claim that Warman had written this?

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