Thursday, April 24, 2008

Klatt affidavit in Richard Warman & CHRC v. Lemire

I've been wondering aloud for the past few weeks (here and here) why it is that although Warman's critics have produced scores and scores of documents (see here, for example), the actual evidence that he was the Cools poster were nowhere to be found. Logs were produced to show that Warman visited the site without logging in on Oct. 15, 2003, and these have been cited as some kind of proof (here and here). But where were the logs of the notorious Cools post? Why was some evidence being fed into the blogosphere, but the most important evidence not?

Someone pointed out to me that the logs were part of the original Klatt affidavit, which I've managed to acquire. So that you can see the whole thing, I've uploaded into and embedded it below. There are several serious mistakes in Klatt's testimony that I have already identified, and I hope to return to these soon. For now, however, the logs of the notorious "Cools" post is on p. 35, and these show that the case against Warman is fatally flawed: 90sAREover had a different browser installed than what we know Warman used for all of his posts in October and November. I'll clarify this later today.
    Read this doc on Scribd: Klatt affidavit - 22 Aug 2006

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