Friday, December 30, 2005

and here comes the main stream media

CTV now has now reported Stamp's resignation.

Edmonton Sun

CFRA Talk Radio

Globe and Mail

Edmonton Journal


National Post


WarBicycle said...

You did a great job exposing this idiot.

none said...

Psycho/Gordon Stamp is expressing very true views on what Canada has screwed the west, mainly because the libs and quebec pm's don't care and don't forget when trudeau gave them the finger or the current pm's staff said that alberta can kiss his ass. If these people think separatism is so extreme they would have fought tooth and nail to stop the bq from becomming a federal party, but I forget, they are from quebec so its alright.

buckets said...

Now add the National Post:

none said...

At least the National Post got it right by quoting Mr. Stamp in saying that he would encourage separation if a Liberal government wins this election.

buckets said...

How about where Psycho says: "Actually, I tell everyone I know that there is no reason for Alberta to remain part of Canada."

Or Stamp's Letter to the editor to the Toronto Star (apparently never published): "If you actually analyze where Canada was 40 years ago and where we are today, Canada as a nation has no moral reason to exist. And Alberta will be the first to leave this dysfunctional family. "

Mid-way into a thread called "It's time for a Alberta Delcaration of Independence", someone asked "Why should we stay in Confederation????", Stamp answered: "Honestly, I see no reason."

In a thread called Alberta A Future of Wealth and Separatism, Stamp presented a list of his grievances against Canada which he concluded thus: "I know that if I were given a ballot today, I would not vote to join Canada"

Or here: "However, I honestly see no benefit for Alberta to remain part of Canada. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing that Canada as a nation offers me. " (his emphasis)

There's more. Lots more. But, then, you've probably not read what he's written.

none said...

I have and have you shown that these were posted during when Chretien was getting re-elected as you have suggested in another post?

I have definitely read what he has said and it is simply directed at the state of this country due to Liberal corruption. Mr. Stamp has stated this many times. Don't you acknowledge this fact?