Saturday, December 31, 2005

More Stampy goodness

Edmonton blogger Idealistic Pragmatist has found some more pro-separatism material of Mr. Stamp's over at Project Alberta, where he publishes under the pen name 'Gord S.'

Update Project Alberta is now discussing Psycho/Stamp's views, who posts there under the pen name 'Gord S.' Note again the troublesome quote that I discusses earlier: Stamp says that a Conservative MP from Edmonton had told him--in front of the riding president--that there were separatists on his board. A Project Alberta poster identifies the MP as Goldring. That assumption might be incorrect. Here what Psycho/Stamp said (here):
It was funny sitting at a table a few months ago when one long term MP, our Board president and I were in a conversation. Our president was telling the MP that although most of the people he worked with supported separatism, it wasn't going to fly. The MP told him to check out his Board because he would find separatist sentiment.

Update 2 Some more problematic quotations of Stamp:

In mid-June, 2005, mid-way into a thread called "It's time for a Alberta Delcaration of Independence", someone asked "Why should we stay in Confederation????", Psycho/Stamp answered: "Honestly, I see no reason."

On June 12, 2005: "However, I honestly see no benefit for Alberta to remain part of Canada. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing that Canada as a nation offers me. " (his emphasis)

On Aug. 3, 2005, in a thread called Alberta A Future of Wealth and Separatism, Psycho Stamp presented a list of his grievances against Canada which he concluded thus: "I know that if I were given a ballot today, I would not vote to join Canada"

On Aug. 4, 2005: Psycho wrote: "Actually, I tell everyone I know that there is no reason for Alberta to remain part of Canada."

On Aug. 5, 2005: Letter to the editor to the Toronto Star (apparently never published): "If you actually analyze where Canada was 40 years ago and where we are today, Canada as a nation has no moral reason to exist. And Alberta will be the first to leave this dysfunctional family. "

Update 3. Another quote of Stamp following the last election is worth quoting (here):
"We just went through the most corrupt and incompetent government in Canada's history and we have to wait some more????

Ontario has endorsed corruption at the highest level of government.

The break-up of Canada was solely their decision. Alberta will take our $9 billion a year and invest it in our own health care system. Ontario can buy Eastern Canadian votes with someone else's money.

There are NO more years to wait - I will not sacrifice my morals and values to gain power - Ontario voters want corruption and lies - I refuse to live under that mandate!!!!! "

(hattip to poster Sifo-Dyas at Babble)

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