Friday, December 30, 2005

Conservative ex-official on CPC discussions about separatism

As you know, Gordon Stamp, aka "psycho" from Free Dominion has resigned his post as Peter Goldring's campaign manager (see here).

This is a positive step: there is no room in the Conservative Party for separatists or proto-separatists. Still, I want to return to the exchange that started this ball rolling, Psycho (aka Gord Stamp) wrote (here):
Many of us in Alberta are working on our last federal campaign if the Liberals remain in power - we will be working on Alberta separation after January 23...
Hailey answered here:
I don't think that western separation is at all realistic. It's been talked about since the 1980s and they've yet to win a seat. Those who are separatists ALWAYS talk about wanting to separate and it's always right around the corner...blah, blah, blah.
and here:
What makes you so certain? Western separatism has been talked about for over 2 decades without any outcome. Not a single election of a MP.
Psycho's response here:
I am not sure how closely you are working with the local campaign in your riding but I am fairly positive 1/2 our campaign team will be working for separation after January 23 if the Liberals remain in power.
Hailey responds here:
I've heard that Rahim Jaffer has a significant number of western separatists working on his campaign and I quite believe that. That's Rahim. I've heard the same thing about Rajotte - not sure I am convinced though.
Now, when I first posted this exchange, it was unclear whether Psycho knew what he was talking about. Now that we know that Psycho/Stamp was well-connected within his riding association, I think this deserves another look.

Stamp sometimes claims to be a separatist, sometimes he will become one if the Liberals win the next election. The difference is slight: separatist, proto-separatist, or crypto-separatist, this man did not belong in the Conservative party.

But he says here that there are others, a point that he elaborates soon after (here):
As far as I know, not one CPC candidate in Edmonton supports separatism - and I have met them all. In fact they are busting their butts trying to save Canada.

My point was that many CPC volunteers will support Alberta separatism if the Liberals stay in power. And the Edmonton area CPC candidates know that.

It was funny sitting at a table a few months ago when one long term MP, our Board president and I were in a conversation. Our president was telling the MP that although most of the people he worked with supported separatism, it wasn't going to fly. The MP told him to check out his Board because he would find separatist sentiment. I smiled and raised my hand - if looks could kill...

The point is that the CPC candidates know what is going on.
Now, I'm sure that everyone is happy to learn that none of the Edmonton CPC candidates are separatists. What is stunning is that Psycho/Stamp, who was important enough in the local organization to be made campaign manager, claims (1) that his riding president told a CPC MP that "most of the people he worked with supported separatism", the MP told him that there was separatist sentiment in his board, and that Psycho/Stamp admitted to it in front of them.


Dan McKenzie said...

I'd be interested in who the long time MP and board president were.

ferrethouse said...

Two words...
Jean Lapierre

Two more words...
Michaƫlle Jean

I'm anxiously awaiting their resignations.