Saturday, December 31, 2005

Conservative MP calls Free Dominion 'extreme' but spoke at its banquet

In the aftermath of Psycho/Stamp's resignation, the Edmonton Sun interviewed Conservative MP Peter Goldring (here). Naturally, Goldring distanced himself from Stamp's separatist sympathies. He also commented on the site at which Stamp made these posts:
'Goldring called Free Dominion "extreme" in its views.'
One might ask how he knows this. It might have something to do with Goldring's speech to Free Dominion banquet several years ago, a speech that's still available on his website:

(Hattip to Dan)


Reality Bites said...

I think you're being unfair to Peter Goldring, Buckets. Why shouldn't he speak at the Free Dominion banquet, considering Mark Fournier (the homophobic "Entropy Squared" of co-owner of FD) is his previous campaign manager?

However does Goldring manage to consistently find men of such dubious character to run his campaigns? And how believable is it that he knew nothing of Stamp's views given his own close ties to FreeDominion?

Steve V said...

"take a moment to recognize my fellow Members of Parliment in attendance tonight"

Interesting to know who else was there, and does this speak to close ties to the party?

Dirk Laudan said...

There's nothing really illegitimate about making a partisan argument like this, but if you look at this fairly there is an obvious explanation for Mr. Goldring's apparent contradiction. There is a 3 1/2 year gap between Mr. Goldring being pro-Free Dominion, in 2002, and his now saying that it is "extreme". Has Free Dominion become more "extreme" in the last 3 years? Mr. Goldring is not the first person to make that suggestion. So I don't think he is being inconsistent.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention I am an active Tory, but that I do not know Mr. Goldring, Mr. Stamp, or their respective views, other than what I surmise from your blog and other reported facts. I registered on Free Dominion fairly recently but since then I have found some of the commentary rather alarming, even though I am a right-wing conservative.

sarah, plain + tall said...

Do you suppose it'd be inconsistent to be the Conservative Party critic on Homelessness, and have a campaign manager/realtor that tried to appeal a low income housing project because it'd decrease property value in the neighbourhood? There's a post about that here.

In an aside related solely to Goldring, his record on homeless issues is pretty deplorable. Since becoming the CPC critic on the issue in January 2004, his talk and focus on it has significantly decreased, to the point of having issued a few newsletters, almost no press releases in the least year and a half (save for a couple on homeless veterans, one encouraging the Klein government give "prosperity" money to homeless (after the government had already indicated it was going to do so), and one suggesting that oil companies wouldn't just increase their profit margins if fuel were GST-free). Not that his talk was particularly good to begin with--advocating for government housing money to go to the private sector (his realtor friend?), and suggesting that "so-called homeless" people in Edmonton were actually just visitors, and homeless "because they are staying with friends or at an Edmonton hotel".

His obsessions with Karl Toft, and annexing the Turks and Caicos Islands, however, have dramatically increased.

Reality Bites said...

Dirk, Connie Wilkins and Mark Fournier have not changed their views over the years.

Mind you, Peter Goldring is quite extreme himself, particularly on marriage. He's just a bit smarter in how he expresses his extremist views than the folks on FD.

Zorpheous said...

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