Friday, December 30, 2005

the last time I did this…

… it took 190 days for him to quit. From Inkless Wells:
Statement by Peter Goldring:

"This evening I learned about comments posted on the internet by Mr. Gordon Stamp, who has been serving as manager of my campaign in Edmonton East. I was deeply disturbed by these comments, which in no way reflect my views or those of the Conservative Party. To the contrary, I have spent my entire adult life fighting for a united Canada, and, in fact, was drawn into public service to fight for Canada as a united federation.

"Mr. Stamp has stepped down as the campaign manager for Edmonton East."
Mr. Wells adds

That took two hours and twenty-two minutes after the posting below. Mr. Harper and Mr. Goldring seem a decisive couple of guys. Meanwhile about half the readers on are writing emails to me and posting my replies. Hi everyone!


Mark Richard Francis said...

You're getting even better at this.

Do you have anything on Rob Anders? Oh, never mind: Who doesn't?

Isn't Free Dominion a blast?

RossK said...

Interesting that the Freepers of the Domininion closed up shop for a bit at or about the time of the destampification.

buckets said...

Gazetteer. It is an interesting coincidence, but a coincidence nonetheless. FD announced the possible shutdown for server-maintenance well ahead of time, and one of the moderators commented on other sites about the glitches they were experiencing in getting it back up.