Friday, December 30, 2005

Conservative Official: Alberta Agenda not stong enough

Over at Free Dominion, Conservative campaign chair, Gord Stamp (aka "psycho") has been long arguing that Alberta must separate. Consider his discussion of his opinion of Ted Morton's candidacy for leadership of the Alberta PC Party. Morton, as many will recall, was one of the author (along with Harper and his chief-of-staff Flanagan) of the so-called 'Fire-wall' letter, which advocated (among other things) that Alberta withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan, collect its own income taxes, etc. At this post:
Because the major injustices to Alberta (that he previously stated) would not be solved under [Ted Morton's] strategy. The laws of Canada would over rule Alberta; Ottawa would still take our $12 billion annually and allocate it to corruption...

What that meant is that first the CPC had to be elected federally with Morton as provincial leader. Only then would accountability be put in place. If the Liberals remained in power, we needed someone who would would be willing to take the next step. So I asked Ted if he would consideration separation if nothing else worked. He said "No!".

At that point I realized Alberta needed someone stronger than Morton.
There is no other way to interpret these words, I think, but that Mr. Stamp disagrees with current Conservative policy. Which all raises the question--what is this guy doing in the Conservative Party?

Stamp refuses to support Morton because Morton does not consider separatism as an option, but he's willing to support Harper who is equally (I assume) opposed to Alberta separatism. In doing this, he's doing a disservice to his own separatism and to Harper's federalism.


Ottawa_Guy said...

The reason you don't get why Stamp is working for the CPC is because you don't understand what you are talking about and have jumped to wrong conclusions.

Plan A is to get the CPC elected and fix Canada, make confederation work for all provinces. That is what we want most of all.

Stamp, myself, and many others all over Canada would view another Liberal victory as the point of no return for Canada, and it's better to get into a lifeboat called Alberta than to sink with the whole country.

The Liberals are driving people towards sepratism by making Canada a country where their voice doesn't count and their views become grounds for legal harrasment. If Stamp's frank remarks anger you, that anger should be directed at the Grits.

Ottawa_Guy said...

Oh, and you are right that working for the CPC doesn't help sepratism. If someone wants to get Alberta to leave, they should vote Liberal.