Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alberta separatists in the CPC (2)?

Picking up where we left of in the last post, I draw your attention to the conservative discussion board FreeDominion, where poster Psycho discusses the prevalence of Alberta separatists in the Conservative party in Edmonton (here):
As far as I know, not one CPC candidate in Edmonton supports separatism - and I have met them all. In fact they are busting their butts trying to save Canada.

My point was that many CPC volunteers will support Alberta separatism if the Liberals stay in power. And the Edmonton area CPC candidates know that.

It was funny sitting at a table a few months ago when one long term MP, our Board president and I were in a conversation. Our president was telling the MP that although most of the people he worked with supported separatism, it wasn't going to fly. The MP told him to check out his Board because he would find separatist sentiment. I smiled and raised my hand - if looks could kill...

The point is that the CPC candidates know what is going on. They (as Preston Manning did) are trying to stave off the destruction of Canada.

But I firmly believe that if the Liberals stay in power - it is all over. I am just trying to educate everyone that now is NOT the time to pretend Albertans will live under a corrupt and immoral Liberal government...

Something for you to think about.
Much of this, of course, sounds of the barroom pontificator. Except, again, that this poster claims to be an activist within the Conservative Party, claims to know all the CPC candidates, and (most troubling) claims to have admitted his separatist views in front of CPC functionaries and an MP.

He is important enough within the local organization that he was delegated to meet John Reynolds at the airport when he came to speak at a recent fundraiser (here) and he was trusted enough to be told that Grewal would not be seeking re-election a week before this was announced (here; cf. here).

Unless this is all fabrication, Mr. Psycho is an important person within the Edmonton CPC.

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Joel K. said...

I don't understand what the problem is with the comments quoted above, attributed to Psycho. The West is fed up with being kicked around by Ottawa. Martin's proposed handgun ban is just the latest idea that will win a few votes in Toronto, but further fuel Western Alienation. If the Liberals get back in, it will be another rejection by Ontario of a potential Western prime minister, and will be taken personally by Westerners.

So it should not be news to anyone that some are so fed up, they may have fantasies of a better life outside of Confederation. But the fact that they are working to elect CPC candidates means they are doing what they can to keep this great country together.