Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alberta separatists in the CPC (3): who is Psycho?

The last two postings have been exploring the influence of Alberta separatists within the Conservative Party. It isn't very hard to find it, once you begin looking for it. When the right wing Small Dead Animals held an awards contest, second place for the best post went to one called the Tipping Point called for the west to separate. One could go on.

Much of such talk is of course little more than barroom banter. In the last two posts (here and here), however, we have seen that prolific poster Psycho, claims that half their campaign team are separatists (here) and that Conservative candidates in Edmonton know this (here).

So, who is Psycho, and can we believe what he says? Let's begin with what he has said about himself:
  • he is a campaign manager (here)
  • his MP is Peter Goldring (here)
  • his first name is Gord (here, here, and here)
  • he gives his email as (here)
  • the Edmonton Journal mentions that a Gordon Stamp is campaign manager for Peter Goldring.
It seems, then, that the Conservatives have a party official who is a self-avowed separatist.

Update Some lively discussion over at the Babble forums about this here. (Hattip to 'Reality Bites'.)


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

My goodness. Excellent digging. Ever thought of selling your services as a cyber-sleuth?

Dan McKenzie said...

You've really got something here. Keep working on it!

Mark Francis said...

Just the kind of work I expect from you.

Now, is it really him, or someone trying to cause to him harm?

Dan McKenzie said...

Prominent Conservative Blabs Online About Being Seperatist?

All the credit goes to you of course.

M. K. Braaten said...

Perhaps if you lived in Alberta you would realize that Alberta separatism is a nothing more than a function of frustrated voter syndrome.

Alberta 'separatists' are just voters who are frustrated by 12 years of scandalous liberal rule. This attitude is caused by the fact that an Albertans vote doesn’t matter- Ontario will dictate which gov't is in power.

Perhaps you should put your energy into something that is real, i.e.: Liberal corruption. Perhaps if the West and Quebec hate the Liberals, maybe Ontario should step back and ask 'why'.

Instead of trying to demonize the Conservative party (as you always seem to do), why not figure out what has caused these divisive attitudes to emerge in Canada?

Perhaps if you thought about it from that perspective, you'd realize how much damage the Liberal Party has inflicted on this country.

carfix2000ca said...

You obviously are no different than any other liberal. You can't or don't read well. The comment is IF the liberals retain power there are some that would advocate separatism.

Gee, if that is the only way to have a hope in any kind of a free country then maybe it should be so. Your party has already created Quebec separatism.

Of course as a liberal, viewing Canada through pink glasses, the bankruptcy and destruction of anything Canadian is considered "progress" in your eyes.

Get a brain

Of course, this probably won't make your blog, as you will make sure that all comments line up to your thinking and censor it.

Typically liberal.

SO I will at least make sure it gets posted on FD

Joe Calgary said...

The Liberals just don’t get it, Stephan Harper isn’t just fighting Separation in Quebec, he is fighting against the separatists of the West as well. The Liberals have created this situation, and the western separation movement is primed, and tearing at the bit to tear us all apart.

To my chagrin, I find myself sympathizing with them. I understand, appreciate, and feel the same way myself.

I personally have decided to make one more try, I have to believe that this nation is greater than the crisis the Liberal Government has created. It’s unfortunate that I have to admit to myself that another Liberal majority will be the starting gun to separation in Alberta.

Paul Martin, of course, is completely oblivious to this, to his and the nations detriment. It will be hard enough to keep things together with a Liberal minority.

No, we need fresh faces and new ideas in this nation. I’m the vestige of the old guard myself, and I see more clearly now than I ever have in my life. Canada is changing and growing, and the government of 1867 needs to remade, rebuilt, rejuvenated. It’s the only way the Federation can survive.

We just aren’t all on the same page all the time anymore. It was easy when there was only 16 or 20 million people in Canada, with the majority out east. Now there's 5 million people between Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary alone. You can’t keep ignoring a growing power forever, and you can’t keep ignoring the basic values and principles of the West in general.

45% of Albertan’s are willing to discuss separation…

I have to ask myself, if 45% of Albertan’s are even willing to talk about it, then how many are actively willing to achieve it. 15%, 20%, however many, its too many, and if the Liberals hadn’t treated the nation like their personal bank, and Alberta like their personal punching bag, it would never have arisen.

Go Stephan go!!!

Joe Green said...

There is no separation party in Alberta; that is all hot air coming from "neocon" ranks that simply frighten people in the rest of Canada with their mad Libertarian agendas.

Small Dead Animals is a blog run by a woman in Saskatchewan that was very sensitive of any criticism directed at Grant Devine and his corrupt government which saw 15 of his ministers charged and convicted of crimes under the Criminal Code and the Progressive Conservative Party in Saskatchewan disbanded as a result. For that matter, the Mulroney Senate appointee suffered the same fate. So Kate is very tender on REAL CORRUPTION in her own back yard, and will ban critics from her site who lay that all out on the line.

The Western Separatists run by Ezra Lavant over at Western Standard similarly have problems with critics that point out that Ezra and his friends are liars and libel artists, which circle of friends include Stockwell Day, David Frum and the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. None of these people have any credibility or skill in the political arena. David Frum for instance wrote a speech for George Bush II predicting nuclear weapons falling on American cities and coming from Al Quada leaders that are holed up in hills of Afghanistan.

The tragedy of the Progressive Conservative Party was that it fell apart from the Mulroney Corruption and never recovered, although some people like Joe Clarke and David Orchard certainly gave it the college try. The vaccuum that was created opened the way for all these American Libertarian misfits. In fact, they are "American Republicans with Canadian Passports". John Diefenbaker and Sir John A. Macdonald would have been appalled.

Now a word about Mr. Goldring. His area in Edmonton has many Liberals and NDP supporters, but he usually manages to split the vote and run up the middle. He won with the smallest plurality in Alberta in the last election for a Conservative, and his seat is vulnerable, even with all the headaches that the Liberals are having. If the Liberals in that riding come out and support the NDP, we could see a big surprise in the election.

Gord Kessler was the only and last "separatist" to ever get elected in Alberta, and it happened during Peter Lougheed's watch as Premier.

So forgitboutit! Aint gonnahappin!