Friday, December 30, 2005

Conservative Official: "Alberta has no future in Canada", easterners are "idiots"

As I've been posting over the last couple days, Gordon Stamp, Conservative campaign manager in Edmonton East, is a prolific poster on Free Dominion and other boards. He clearly identifies himself as a separatist and says so on many occasions. Consider what he wrote July 21, 2005::
SSM was not an election issue. Canadian voters never really considered that - which is why the Liberals are terrified to have that "hot potato" around in the upcoming election. That is why they shoved it through both the House of Commons and the Senate - they know most voters are stupid and will forget that the next time they vote.

Which confirms to me that Alberta has no future in Canada. We refuse to be ruled by a corrupt dictatorship that continually stays in power by a bunch of eastern voting idiots."

(Hattip to Reality Bites in the comments.) (edited)


JL said...

What!? The west is alienated and some westerners are considering seperation!

Thanks for the obvious-news flash.

What's next: Fish live in water! Sky is blue! Gravity makes things fall towards Earth!

buckets said...

No. The news is that such a person is campaign chairman for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Joel K. said...

Mr. Stamp is working hard to elect a Conservative MP to help stem the growth of western alienation. This is not consistent with the behavior of a separatist.

You may remember that Paul Martin promised to end western alienation, lest his prime ministership be a failure. Well, we can all pretty much agree he has failed at this task.

Joel K. said...

Do you really think if Mr. Stamp was a separatist, he would be working to elect a Conservative candidate?

If he truly were a separatist, he would be helping the Liberal party, to try to elect a Liberal majority and throw even more fuel on the fire of Western alienation.

Candace said...

go read inklesswells for an update. Stamp is gone.

That being said (or accomplished), you are extremely naive in your statements if you truly believe that Albertans considering separatism aren't voting or supporting the CPC as a LAST RESORT. Get your head out of the sand. Do you think the Bloc appeared out of thin air?

none said...

Buckets, you are incorrect, he is a campaign chairman for an MP of the Conservative party of Canada, unlike the liberal counterparts who are part of the PM's staff, there is a big difference between what you have said here and the truth.

buckets said...

The difference between "campaign chairman for an MP of the Conservative party of Canada" and "Conservative campaign manager for Edmonton East" stikes me as splitting hairs. Still, I will admit that I do not know the inside workings of the CPC. I will emend to "in Edmonton East"--does that satisfy?

buckets said...

Mr. None. Read the comments policy. 90% of your comments are not approved for failing to adhere to it.